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At some point, everyone is confronted with odour. But how do we deal with this? The specialists of OLFASCAN can provide the necessary feedback and support.

Nico Raes Environmental Consultant nico.raes@olfascan.com

Everybody has been confronted with odour and is ready to judge. But when does odour become a nuisance? And what are the possibilites to keep the odour emission to a minimum? To answer these questions, specific know-how as well as an objective perspective. Our team of specialists  can support you with their knowledge to answer your specific question. All projects are supervised by a VLAREL recognized expert.

Odour audit / Dust audit

During an extensive visit by experienced OLFASCAN-employees, the potential sources of the company are identified. Previously taken measures will be thoroughly evaluated. Additional advice for optimalisation and measures for further reduction will be presented.

OLFASCAN supports the client in choosing and implementing the appropriate emmision reducing measures and sanitation measures. Both process integrated as well as treatment techniques are possible solutions.

field panel measurements

Sensorial environmental study

Using field panel measurements the odour impact of your company on the imediate environment can be objectively determined. Based on these field panel measurements combined with dispersion modelling, the odour impact is calculated. OLFASCAN has a VLAREL-certification for executing field panel measurements in Flanders.

odour dispersion modelling


Dispersion modelling tools are the key to assess the impact of your company  on the environment and/or to evaluate the influence of the applied measures. At OLFASCAN we have several dispersion modelling tools at our disposal to answer your enquiry.

air sampling in duct

Emission measurements

Usually several different sources of a company are responsible for odour emissions. In order to map these sources and define their contribution to the total emission, emission measurements are carried out. By means of olfactometry the quantity of odour emitted by each source is determined. Sensorial and chemical testing provides insight concerning the characterization, intensity and composition of the odour.

Air Sampling Biofilter

Follow-up, screening and/or yield measurements of air treatment installations

OLFASCAN offers the service to follow up the efficiency of your biofilter/scrubber and to adjust where necessary. This way an optimal odour removal efficiency can be obtained or preserved of your system.

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