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Environmental Impact Assessment

Do you need an environmental impact assessment or impact study for the realization of your plan or project? eco-scan is happy to take care of this by guiding you smoothly through this process. All of the mentioned information about Environmental Impact Assessments applies to the regulation of the Flemish authorities.

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Gwynet Leyre Environmental Consultant gwynet.leyre@eco-scan.be

Environmental Impact Assessment, m.e.r.-screening, Exemption

Environmental impact

Environmental impact assessment gathers all relevant information needed to take the environmental importance into account when making decisions on specific plans and projects with a possible important impact on the environment. This information is compiled in a document, accessible by the governement and public.

Experts investigate the effects on a scientific basis, describe and check them against the appropriate context. When suspecting significant negative effects, mitigating measures are proposed.  Such studies allow for measures to be implemented in the start-up phase of a plan or project that reduces the environmental impact. These mitigating measures can be added to the license as an additional condition. An analysis of alternatives to a plan or project may also be part of environmental impact assessment.

In certain cases, an exemption or m.e.r.-screening may be requested depending on the scale of the expected impact.

Environmental Impact Assessment, m.e.r.-screening and the Exemption are decision-supporting documents.

eco-scan bvba offers to guide you in selecting the procedure which matches your specific project.

When do I need an MER? MER Procedure

Impact Studies

For projects that are not MER-mandatory, an impact study may be required in the context of a license application, desired expansion, notifications from the neigbourhood or overall sustainability. eco-scan has the ability to carry out various impact studies concerning:

Depending on the purpose of the study and the wishes of the customer, these studies may vary from indicative calculations and / or modelling to a fully elaborated and detailed report.

Dispersie modellering

Odour and fine dust emissions from cattle breeding companies

eco-scan has many years of expertise in calculating and modelling odour and fine dust emissions from cattle breeding companies. The modelling is always performed in accordance with the methods imposed by the administration. If the impact assessment shows that significant effects are expected, eco-scan actively participates with the customer in order to find appropriate solutions.

Modelling acidifying and degrading deposition - PAS Modeling

This modelling enables us to predict the acidifying and degrading impact of the company on the environment. This is especially important if valuable natural elements are located near the project area. In this type of impact research, special attention will be given to recognized nature reserves, Natura 2000 areas, VEN-, VEN or IVON areas, ... These studies are usually processed in an 'adequate assessment' or 'nature test'.


The ever-increasing traffic jams, the parking problem in many places and the overall demand for more sustainable mobility ... make mobility a hot item in Flanders. More and more cities and municipalities request a mobility study for both large and smaller projects, with the aim of mapping the expected mobility effects. Mobility studies include the mobility test (mini-MOBER) and the mobility impact report (MOBER).

Both reports address the accessibility, mobility-profile as well as the effects related to traffic flow, traffic livability and traffic safety in the discussed area.In addition, parking needs are also defined. With such a study it can be determined whether a project is or remains in line with the capacity of the environment. If necessary, mitigating measures are proposed to avoid or reduce adverse effects. This takes into account every road user (from pedestrian, cyclist and public transport user to car driver and truck driver).

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