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The lab at OLFASCAN offers a broad range of different analyses to determine the composition of air and gaseous samples. It is also possible to rent sampling equipment in order the take air samples with the most suitable technique and have them analysed by OLFASCAN.

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There are many reasons why the determination of the composition of a gas of interest, is important. The obtained information can be used to determine the most suitable treatment technique or to evaluate conditions concerning health and safety. Due to the sometimes very low odour threshold values, it is important to obtain a very low limit of detection. OLFASCAN specializes in measuring concentrations at ppb-levels.

VOC Analysis

In order to fully comprehend which chemical compounds are important in the overall odour, state-of-the-art analytical equipment is used. Through Thermal Desorption combined with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (TD-GC-MS) the composition of the gas is determined both qualitatively and quantitatively. The client-oriented and individual approach, which includes manual interpretation of each chromatogram to avoid artefacts and automated yet incorrect results.

OLFASCAN has developed a few specific analytical methods in order to analyse those compounds who are the sometimes hard to detect.

VOC Screening GC-Sniffing Sulphur Screening Mercaptan Screening Organic Acid Screening VVOC Screening


OLFASCAN takes samples using differtent sampling techniques. Each sampling technique has its pro and cons.

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Renting sampling equipment

Sometimes an odour is only percieved occasionally or with specific circumstances, which makes it hard to schedule a sampling by OLFASCAN. Due to the limited shelf-life of sampling bags, it is sometimes not possible to get the samples at the lab in time, thus other techniques are preferable. OLFASCAN can provide you with the correct sampling equipment to be able to take the samples at the best conditions. The OLFASCAN team is always available for large or complex sampling campaigns.

Sample Preparation

OLFASCAN also determines the VOC emission of materials. To capture the emitted volatile organic compounds, a sample preparation is needed. The material is placed in a suited recipient of which the headspace is sampled for further analysis. OLFASCAN owns several devices to create a headspace under controlled circumstances (e.g. temperature).

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