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"More than just a certificate for sustainability"

Marijke Wouters Environmental Consultant marijke.wouters@eco-scan.be

BREEAM stands for the "Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method". BREEAM measures and assesses the sustainability of buildings. It works cost-effective and leads to increased efficiency because it focuses on aspects such as energy reduction, water saving and durable materials. Other aspects that are investigated and optimized include waste and ecology. In addition to sustainability, an important focus is set on health aspects, such as noise, ventilation, air quality and light. It achieves better welfare, higher productivity and satisfaction of the people who work in this building. It is also a way to respond to the growing sense of socially responsible and sustainable business.


A BREEAM project has more value and is more attractive to potential users and tenants.

It is an international certification that can be awarded to new commercial buildings, existing non-residential buildings or renovation and, on a larger scale, the planned development of areas. There are multiple final scores depending on the efforts and capabilities of your project: Acceptable, Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

We have expertise in many aspects of BREEAM as well as the required specialists: Suitable Qualified Ecologists for Ecology (Land Use & Ecology) and Suitable Qualified Acousticians for Sound. We also have experts in-house that can carry out the necessary measurements and develop ventilation projects and perform analyses of the indoor air quality.

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