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An odour control plan is a combination of an impact analysis and a remediation study. During the impact analysis, the effect of the odour source on the surroundings of the company is estimated (e.g. by field panel measurements). The investigation of the importance of different odour emission points (e.g. through olfactometry) is the first part of the remediation study. The second part contains technical adjustments to reduce the emissions and recommendations on timing of the proposed changes.

An odour control plan has a wide approach and contains:

  • An inventarisation of the (potential) odour sources at the site, with estimation of the importance of this particular source to the total odour emission and character (type of odourous compounds), is made. Influencing parameters such as seasonal activities, cleaning and maintenace are taken into account;
  • Impact modeling and information about receptors;
  • A target, expressed as odour concentration, is based on fixed methodology
  • An overview of the best available technologies to reach the target
  • A time scheme for the implementation of the proposed adjustments to reach the target
  • A scheme to control the efficiency of the implemented actions.
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