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As consultants in air and odour problems, we notice that there are regular uncertainties and even errors are often made about the correct dimensioning of ventilation systems. However, ventilation is an essential part of solving an odour or emission problem. Usually the necessary attention is paid to the process-based control of emissions from an installation and to the purification thereof, but it is often wrong when capturing and transporting these air flows.

To fill this gap, from now on OLFASCAN also offers services with regard to ventilation. For this, we have taken over a French company which specializes in designing and calculating ventilation techniques within OLFASCAN, together with our Walloon partner Odometric. Our employees also followed an extensive training course.

OLFASCAN can according to your wishes:

  • prepare and calculate a completely new ventilation plan (flow rates, pipe diameters, pressure drops, fans, etc.) with the appropriate purification techniques linked to this
  • adapt or optimize existing situations, eg to avoid diffuse emissions
  • design hoods or other extraction systems
  • carry out a ventilation audit or provide solutions in case of specific problem situations, eg. with thermal layering in the event of heat release.
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