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Integration EIA in environmental permit

MER, impact assessment and mobility

The new procedure offers different approaches from which the initiator can choose. For example, a choice can be made between adding a provisionally approved EIA project to the permit application, as was previously the case (without, however, official approval). It is also possible to add a draft EIA, whereby the assessment of the EIA will take place entirely during the permit application procedure.

In each process, the first phase in the project-e.i.a. procedure concerns the mandatory registration. This is the notification from the initiator to the EIR service of the intention to draw up an EIA project. In a number of cases the notification can even be worked out into a draft EIA.

In contrast to the old procedure, a public consultation and a request for scoping advice in the new e.i.a.-procedure is optional and therefore no longer mandatory. Another novelty is that the initiator can determine the objective of the public consultation, the target group and the information form. Optionally, it is also possible to ask for a request for provisional approval by the EIR service. After this approval, the EIA can only be rejected during the permit application on the basis of new information from the public inquiry or the request for advice in the context of the permit application.

The major advantage of the renewed e.i.a.-procedure is the possibility of putting together an appropriate trajectory, whereby the initiator (together with the EIA coordinator) can record those steps that can offer added value for the present project. eco-scan helps the customer to determine a suitable trajectory tailored to the project.

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