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Merger OLFASCAN | eco-scan to MILVUS consulting NV


At the end of 2015, eco-scan became a 100% subsidiary of OLFASCAN. Since then, the interaction between both teams has intensified. Their complementary knowledge and skills are a strong asset when developing projects. In addition, both teams are housed in the same location and they have a common and parallel management. Therefore, the next step seemed a natural evolution: we decided to merge both companies. MILVUS consulting NV becomes the new company under which OLFASCAN and eco-scan become active. OLFASCAN and eco-scan are retained as brand names.

Operationally this does not change anything for you. We continue to serve you from our well-known brands OLFASCAN and eco-scan. OLFASCAN assists you in all issues related to odour nuisance, air pollution and ventilation. eco-scan will continue to support you in drawing up environmental impact studies, environmental impact assessments, biodiversity studies and BREEAM assessments around ecology.

In administrative terms, all business-related data from the former NV OLFASCAN will be transferred to NV MILVUS consulting. The company number of eco-scan BV will be canceled, just like the bank accounts of eco-scan that are known to you.

All other contact details remain the same, your trusted contacts remain available on the same numbers and email addresses.

Milvus milvus is the scientific name of the red kite. The following features are attributed to this graceful bird of prey: cozy, inventive, quiet, social, loyal, persistent and sensible. The red kite has a pair of bright yellow eyes with which it can efficiently scan all opportunities and risks. Its deep forked tail makes it particularly agile so that it can make quick decisions when needed. From MILVUS consulting, we are happy to look at your activities with a bird's eye view and we are happy to support you with our knowledge and experience to make the right choices.

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