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Detecting diffuse emission leakage flows with a drone

Flying Lab

The thermographic images below show that the temperature distribution over the biofilter is not even (left photo), and that zones with an increased temperature profile can indicate preferential airflows (purple-red zones).

Analysis of the building structures showed that diffuse heat losses were very limited. At the height of one of the roofs and near a small zone of a pipe, heat loss could be detected along which diffuse emissions can be released (circled in red).


Important know-how for interpreting thermographic images is crucial here. For example, the light green warming zones in the building photos are due to solar radiation, and are therefore not a sign of diffuse heat loss. In order to map heat losses to the maximum, it is therefore opted to carry out thermal drone measurements with at least 80% cloud cover and in weather situations where the difference between ambient temperature and indoor temperature is at least 10 degrees Celsius.

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