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About us

Mission & Vision

We are a team of experts that supports and advises its customers in an objective and qualitative manner based on measurements and analyses.

By working together with our customers, we strive for a sustainable solution with the aim of guaranteeing or improving the quality of the environment.

Geuradvies, ventilatieadvies

MILVUS consulting NV is the name of the merger company of OLFASCAN and eco-scan. Since April 2020, OLFASCAN and eco-scan have been active together as trademarks of MILVUS consulting NV. The unification of both complementary teams ensures that we can serve the customer even better and more flexibly.

eco-scan specializes in drawing up and following up various environmental and ecology reports for projects that may have an impact on the environment. eco-scan aims to provide qualitative advice in the preparation of environmental impact assessments (EIA), exemptions and EIA screenings, both for plans and projects, and is responsible for coordination. eco-scan can also be consulted for BREEAM. For this we are in constant contact with both the customer and the government. Specializations in biodiversity, mobility, groundwater and air ensure that every project is thoroughly investigated and substantiated.

In recent years, various appropriate assessments, ecology studies, nature tests and BREEAM studies have been drawn up within eco-scan. In addition, work was done on or assistance was provided in drawing up various nature management plans.

OLFASCAN is an enterprising team of consultants and employees that supports companies in their ambition not to cause odour nuisance to their environment. This support extends to measurements, analyses, modeling, advice, communication, ...

With our own analytical lab, specialized in measuring and detecting odour components in extremely low concentrations, we not only support our customers in solving their problems, but we also perform analyses for all kinds of laboratories and consultancies at international level.

Odour Expert, Environmental Expert, Ventilation Expert

With the required expertise and drive of our team, we ensure quality with attention to objectivity.

Several recognized VLAREL experts are present within the MILVUS consulting team (air and odour nuisance, biodiversity and EIA coordinators). We also have the accredtitation as a lab to perform field panel measurements. MILVUS consulting has a strong customer-oriented approach, and customer satisfaction is its primary objective. The implicit goal is to earn and retain the role of 'home adviser' for every customer.

Due to the relatively limited size of the workforce and the consultative meetings we have on a regular basis, everyone is aware of the state of affairs of the other team members and, in case of illness or force majeure, an ongoing project can easily be taken over by another team member.

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